December 17, 2010

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TOTEH Characters: Lt. Kilos

December 16, 2010

"Kilos of Tusck" by Carol Phillips

KILOS OF TUSCK has been Captain Davage’s best friend and first officer for over thirty years. She has appeared in every League of Elder book so far and is a trusted friend of the House of Blanchefort. Although she claims to hate kids, she is a mentor and caretaker of “Old Dav’s” children and is remarkably kind and patient with them.

She started off as a trouble-prone Marine, consigned to the backwater of the League quelling fights. Kilos was promoted to ship duty aboard the MFV Seeker, where she was to gather information on the captain: Davage, Lord of Blanchefort. Kilos quickly became good friends with the captain, and stayed at his side. She eventually quit the Marines to return home to Tusck, but immediately lamented her decision and returned, only to be inducted into the Stellar Fleet.

Kilos is well-known for her contradictions. She loves being part of a group, yet generally dislikes people she doesn’t know. She loves having friends, yet is extremely difficult to become friends with. She loves her husband, yet enjoys an absentee marriage. And on an on. She still remembers her fist-fights with Sygillis of Blanchefort before they became friends and fondly remarks that “Syg” could really hit for such a tiny squirt.

Lt Kilos, with "Tweeter" sitting on her shoulder, by Bea Matarredona-Garcia

Kilos’ husband is a professor from the University of Tusck, a man known for his ability to find things out. Kilos often uses him to gather obscure information.

Kilos is also friends with the Elemental Spirit Carahil. He often sends her notes and messages in odd places. He once directed her to visit a place called the Cat God Pub in Blanchefort Village. She went there as asked and found the place was a nexus where anything was possible. Kilos returned to the place, only to find an empty building. Kilos lamented losing the Cat God Pub and looks for it always.

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia

TOTEH: Cast of Characters

December 16, 2010

Picture by Bea Matarredona-Garcia

Being a trilogy, there are quite a few main good guys in The Temple of the Exploding Head. This Manga pic by Spanish artist Bea Matarredona-Garcia illustrates them all.

Back Row: Captain Davage, Peter of Blanchefort, Sammidoran of Monama, Kabyl of Blanchefort, Lt. Kilos, Lon of Probert.

Front Row: Sygillis of Blanchefort, Poe of Blanchefort, Thomasina 19th of Waam, Phillip of Blanchefort, Sarah of Blanchefort.

Back Cover Text

December 16, 2010

A good person should always know their limitations, and I certainly know mine.

I suck at summing things up.

I suppose it’s like asking a person who’s lived in a certain place all their life for directions–you end up getting some cryptic, unfollowable spouting of local lore instead of clear, concise directions. That’s how I am with blurbing. I’m just too close to the matter and I’m terrible at it.

Here’s my attempt to blurb The Dead Held Hands. I kept it short and sweet:

“In the ruins of a distant castle, a light comes on, signaling the end of everything …

Kabyl, son of the famed Captain Davage, discovers the world around him is not as it seems. His Beloved is a haunted woman, full of secrets. She looks over her shoulder at things that are not there. What is she so afraid of?

The Dead hold hands, they say, and lend the living their power. Will they hold hands for Lord Kabyl as he ventures into the unknown?”

The Dead Held Hands

December 16, 2010

THE DEAD HELD HANDS (TDHH) is the first book in the Temple of the Exploding Head trilogy. The title of this book went through quite a few incarnations before I finally settled on TDHH. It started as Lady Sammidoran of Monama, but most people thought it fell rather flat. “What’s a Mo-nama?” people asked. Slipping into a Dr. Who mode, I started a long line of similar titles: Sorrow of the Monamas, Elegy of the Monamas, Dirge of the Monamas–you get the picture. Eventually, I put it to a vote on facebook. The very last title that I threw in, mostly on a lark, was The Dead Held Hands, and that’s the one everybody liked, so I said what the heck. The Dead Held Hands is due out in March, 2011, from Loconeal Publishing.