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December 16, 2010

A good person should always know their limitations, and I certainly know mine.

I suck at summing things up.

I suppose it’s like asking a person who’s lived in a certain place all their life for directions–you end up getting some cryptic, unfollowable spouting of local lore instead of clear, concise directions. That’s how I am with blurbing. I’m just too close to the matter and I’m terrible at it.

Here’s my attempt to blurb The Dead Held Hands. I kept it short and sweet:

“In the ruins of a distant castle, a light comes on, signaling the end of everything …

Kabyl, son of the famed Captain Davage, discovers the world around him is not as it seems. His Beloved is a haunted woman, full of secrets. She looks over her shoulder at things that are not there. What is she so afraid of?

The Dead hold hands, they say, and lend the living their power. Will they hold hands for Lord Kabyl as he ventures into the unknown?”

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