The Romance of the Paramel

October 7, 2022

The mysterious Noabs were created by the Elders in the mid-part of the EX time epoch as they began the slow process of weakening and dying. The Noabs were intended to provide mystery and inspire the peoples of the League, allowing them to see that the works of the Elders remained, even if they themselves were gone.

The most well-known of the 25 Noab artifacts is without a doubt The Great Lantern Paramel. Despite their mission to go out and inspire the people, The Sisters collected the Noabs from Codis and sequestered them deep in their places of research, allowing them to be seen by none but themselves.

One of the Noabs refused to allow itself to remain unseen behind the Sisters’ fences: The Lantern Paramel. It has escaped numerous times throughout history, always allowing itself to be seen in open view, but, invariably the Sisters reclaim it and return it to their hidden fastness. These various escape attempts and recovers are known across the League as the Romance of the Paramel.

The Lantern

Romance 1–Gala’s Eye and the Great White Streak

The first known romance of the Paramel was when it placed itself into low Kanan orbit in the year 000689EX, appearing as a magnificent white light in the sky eventually becoming known as Gala’s Eye. It became the brightest object in the sky after the Kanan sun, Beta Teregrin, easily visible in full daylight. It could also be seen from nearby Onaris. Those who saw it were freed from sorrow and occasionally granted gifts and rare insight. The time of the Gala’s Eye was short, however. The Sisters soon reclaimed the Paramel and returned it to hiding, extinguishing Gala’s Eye from the sky.

But, that wasn’t necessarily the end. In its aftermath, many said that a hint of its light remained as a Great White Streak across the sky. In Vith mythology Holt of the Mountain, leading his starving army of Vith, followed the Great White Streak and located the secret Haitathe lair of Sencerathon.

Romance 2–The Lamp of Saga

Centuries later, the Lantern escaped from the Sisters again, this time taking up residence in the westward city of Saga as an ordinary lamp hanging from a lamp post on Goddown Street. Saga was a city overrun by sloth and decadence and was considered a place that might be destroyed by the Sisters for such transgressions. Under the influence of the Lantern, Saga amended its ways and became a city of learning and charity. The Lantern hung there for many years until it was again discovered by the Sisters and taken back to Valenhelm. The Sisters’ anger was terrible and they burned the post from which it hung to the ground, stating to the people they were fortunate they didn’t scorch the entire city. But, after the Sisters departed, the iron lamp post grew back and, as with the Great White Streak, Paramel’s light is still said to be present in Saga as a roving beam that enlightens select people.

Romance 3–Alderveryl Convent and the Hall of Ethers

Alderveryl Convert was a ramshackle convent for wayward woman near the city of Kana-Jana on Bazz. A threadbare girl staying there named Marie Celebrant was given a few credits to purchase an inexpensive lamp for a weekend dance held at the convent. She made her way into Kana-Jana and bought a battered brass lamp from a junk seller’s stand for five Bazz credits. Upon returning to the convent, the lamp was hung in their modest main hall. It soon became apparent the lamp was no ordinary lamp–it was the Paramel, again hiding from the Sisters. Bathed in its light, the open end of the hall became a mystical portal allowing Marie Celebrant and a few others from the convent to step out across place and time and do good works. The hall where the Lantern hung became known as the Hall of Ethers.

After several decades, the Sisters discovered the Lantern’s hiding place and forcibly reclaimed it. Their anger was great and they intended to destroy Alderveryl Convent and all within, however the Lantern refused to allow them to do so, granting them its protection even in its absence as they had used its power in a chaste, selfless manner.

Romance 4–The Hyperboria

The Hyperboria was a battered Ghome 52 battleship that had crash-landed on Midas 6 after a battle with the League. It lay as a rusting hulk for years, serving as a shelter for vagrants and other misfits fleeing from Xaphan rule on Midas. One day, as a group of terrified serfs fled from the House of Burgon, they took refuge in the Hyperboria. As they huddled within, they were amazed to discover the ship still functioned, still had power and could still fly and make orbit. Piloting the ship as best they could, they escaped from Midas 6 and made their way across the Xaphan Armada to a green world where they could live in peace. They fought off several attacks along the way and even collected more refugees. The ship did not, in fact, function, it had been given life by the Lantern, again hiding from the Sisters’ gaze. Once settled on their green world, the Lantern quit the ship and allowed itself to be re-captured by the Sisters.

Romance 5–The Lighthouse of Caroline

The Sisters grew frustrated with the Lantern for its repeated escape attempts, though they could not quell its power. It was said the Lantern stripped the Sisters of their power promising to not give it back until they freed it. Working out a compromise, the Sisters built the Lighthouse of Caroline in the choppy waters of the Straits of Elder where, on select occasions, the Lantern hangs from its lofty spire.

copyright 2022, Ren Garcia