Video X1 Xaphan Tropism

November 13, 2012

After six books, going on seven, the League of Elder Universe has gotten pretty big. I pride myself on creating as original a world as possible, and that often entails dreaming odd and perplexing institutions as a part of world-building. Often times, the energy of the author can help propel new ideas into being. I usually try to keep myself out of the mix and allow my creations to do the talking, however, my cover artist, Carol Phillips mentioned that I should do short movies. She listened to me blather on for hours and made the suggestion.

Videos of me talking … is she nuts?

So, I thought I’d give it a try. Armed with my laptop and a basic editing software, here it is, my first attempt. I’ve come a long way from the time when I was so shy I could barely look a stranger in the face.

In this first video, we discuss the topic of Xaphan Tropism.

copyright, 2012 Ren Garcia

“Morgan Jeterix” by Eve Ventrue

MORGAN JETERIX is a character introduced in ther first installment of the Belmont Saga.

She is a lady of the House of Thompson, a family of Hala stock. Being a Hala, her family were well-known farmers owning vast tracts of fertile land in the central Hala-lands about three hundred miles east of the Killbane River. The Thompsons are publicly acknowledged and certified by the Sisterhood of Light as being Empathic. As such, all Thompsons are registered and painted with a 4-D tattoo marking them as empaths that only the Sisters can see. Among the House’s various empathic talents is the ability to see through complex illusions.

Morgan was the twelfth of fifteen Thompson children. She is typically of sturdy build with tanned, swarthy skin and burnished blonde hair that she most-often wears braided. When she was thirteen, a fire broke out in the Thompson manor which eventually burned the structure to the ground. Morgan was rescued and carried to safety by her father, though he suffered terrible burns in the process. Seeing her father suffering from his wounds, Morgan decided to join the Grand Order of Hospitalers and become a healer.

Morgan Jeterix in her Hospitaler uniform (painting by Eve Ventrue)

Morgan quickly rose through the ranks within the Hospitalers and eventually joined the Ephysian Order, a secretive sect dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge no matter where it comes from. The Ephysians often share information with Non-League sources such as Xapan Cabalists and Moorland Riddocks, which is forbidden by the Sisterhood of Light. She was asked by her Order to serve aboard a Scouting Ship called the Demophalon John, captained by a Zenon woman, Lt. Gwendolyn of Prentiss. Ephysians normally did not venture out on Fleet ships, however, her Order had determined that there was knowledge to be had aboard the ship. Once there, Morgan had a tumultuous relationship with the captain, the two of them often not on speaking terms.

After nearly being killed in the fire as a girl, Morgan decided that life is precious and was determined to live it by following her heart no matter where it might lead. Her behavior afterwards was shocking by conservative Hala standards, earning her the epithet “Jeterix” which means Unmarried and Unprincipled in Hala. The “Jeterix” tag was normally a mark of shame for a woman in Hala society, but Morgan wore it with pride, officially adding it to her name. Morgan was well-known for her steamy and rather messy love affairs. She was constantly beginning a new relationship and ending an old one: her brief love affair with fellow Hospitaler and ex-Black Hat Bethrael of Moane was an A-List scandal in the city of Bern. Morgan did not confine herself to class, age, station or gender–any who caught her eye was a potential lover. Morgan was seductive and charming, and she had secretly learned the art of Xaphan Tropism (the art of inducing a sexual climax using minimal touches on non-erogenous parts of the body such as the wrists). Her touch was said to be “electric”.

Morgan would eventually teach Private Taara how to fight like a Hospitaler and the secrets of Xaphan Tropism (painting by Fantasio)

Morgan was also well-known for her messy and rather public break-ups, always filled with shrieking and drama right out in the open for all to see. Lt. Gwendolyn did not approve of Morgan’s ways and tried to have her removed from the ship several times, but failed due to the autonomy and power of the Hospitalers. Morgan made no secret that she fancied an affair with Lt. Gwendolyn as well. Being an empath, Morgan could often connect with Gwendolyn’s inner self and speak out loud what she was feeling–an embarassing habit Gwendolyn detested.

When Morgan met Paymaster Stenstrom and his friends Private Taara and Lord A-Ram, that’s when things really got interesting.

copyright 2012, Ren Garcia, Fantasio and Eve Ventrue