bowerchestfinal-smallThis is a painting of the notorious Queen Ghome and her Bower Chest monster. Queen Ghome ruled the planet Trimble for over 600 years and the death of her wife, Queen Xo of the House of Sevarr. Painting by Carol Phillips.

Ghome’s rule was a colorful, if not turbulent period in Trimble’s long, sordid history. A poorly kept secret maintained Ghome murdered Queen Xo so that she might rule the planet alone. The Brotherhood of the Murdered Queen (BMQ) sought for years to unseat her from power, finally succeeding at the Battle of the Tomb with the help of the House of Sorrander.

Queen Ghome’s horrific Bower Chest monster was her main weapon in keeping power and slaying her enemies. Loaded with stolen treasure, her Bower Chest was said to be invincible in battle.

Queen Ghome’s various secrets are revealed in Book 11: House of Bloodstein: Mentralysis from Winter Wolf Publishing.

For more artwork from Carol Phillips, click Here
copyright 2018, Ren Garcia and Carol Phillips

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