To: Grand Dame Hanna-Ben Shurlamp, EmV, QrduP, Professor Emeritus, University of Dee.
From Professor XYZ, University of Tusck, Department of Polytheistics and Inverted Meditation

re: The Wraith of Gaston.
Your Learned Greatness:

It has come to my attention that, at a recent symposium entitled with the charming sobriquet “Dispelling the Myths of Vithland and Greater Kana” held at Peace Unity Conference, Attilan, the subject of a creature popularly known as “The Wraith of Gaston” was brought to the floor several times, always in reference to a misconceived notion or disproved fact. I am left wondering why this was the case, as, clearly, the Wraith of Gaston, while not a fanciful entity of lore, exists in some lesser, but never-the-less, whole form.

Simply put, the Wraith of Gaston is fact, not fiction.

As I am not from Kana, allow me to muse out-loud and gather my bearings. The Gaston Way is a mountain passage running from north to south in the western end of Vithland. It begins in the Tartanlands near the city of Arden, travels north through the Greater Vith Range, passing the Sisterhood of Light strongholds of Attilan, Pithnar and Westron along the way, and empties out into the Cape of Mt. Holly, running a total of one-thousand, seven hundred and forty-six miles. The passage is essential for travel, as the aforementioned Sisterhood strongholds placed there closely regulate land, air and space travel in the region.

In 003199ax, a number of odd incidents began filtering out from those using the Gaston Way. As the stories go, certain travelers found themselves beset upon by a frightening spectral creature in the wilds where little immediate help might be found. Descriptions vary, however the creature is generally referred to as humanoid in form, glowing and wreathed in dark cloud, like a tiny thunderstorm. It is also frequently reported to have no obvious mouth. The creature is said to fly, however, it is mostly reported to run along the ground at a very high rate of speed, easily fast enough to keep pace with standard civilian-issue transportation. Leaping, or bounding very high into the air, is also a usual feature of this manifestation. No injuries, other than frayed nerves, have been attributed to the creature. It appears, greatly frightening the travelers, and forces them off the passage, where it then vanishes.

At the symposium, the creature was branded a hoax and dismissed as fanciful local lore.

"The Wraith of Gaston" by Eve Ventrue

I think you’ll agree with me that the Wraith of Gaston is not a hoax. Clearly it is not a creature ofsupernatural origins, however, that does not mean it does not exist and that select travelers have not been accosted in the Gaston Way. Some man, or some woman, or a conspiracy of perpetrators, has affected these acts for purposes unknown.

What do we know about this entity for a fact? As follows:

1–The creature (I continue to refer to it as a “creature” for lack of anything else to call it) can run very quickly, has amazing endurance and may leap or spring with alacrity. The flying notion is preposterous.
2–The creature is either Cloaked or transformed in a greater or lesser manner.
3–Robbery is not a motive, as no witnesses report being robbed.
4–Murder is also not a motive
5–The creature only attacks travelers moving from south to north. No travelers moving south on the Gaston have been attacked.

Abduction, and or, kidnapping is a possible motive, though none have been so inconvenienced as of yet. The creature’s sole intent appears to be to force various travelers off the Gaston and prevent them from reaching their destination. There is a common thread linking all of those who have credibly witnessed the creature. One must take steps to ensure that the witness being interviewed is not simply an attention-seeker spewing false information. There is much of this to be had, and such “tainted testimony” was on grand display at the symposium in Attilan.

There is a common thread linking all of those who have credibly witnessed the creature, and I assure you, I know what it is.

Despite your efforts, your Learned Greatness, I maintain my information and will live to see it published in due time. You may find your associates at the address enclosed.

Still Breathing

Professor XYZ, University of Tusck

copyright 2010 Ren Garcia

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