Shadow tech

August 21, 2011

Sygillis of Metatron attempts to save the life of Captain Davage using Silver tech (Carol Phillips)

Shadow tech is a common feature in all of the League of Elder books. Long declared illegal by the Sisterhood of Light, it is a poorly understood thing in the League, subject of much speculation and, in some quarters, dread.

Shadow tech is an arcane substance. It is said to be material from another universe or dimension, filling that dimension like ether. A fairly common substance, it appears as a black, brown or silver semi-solid material, known variously as Implosser (brown), Shadow tech (black) and Silver tech (silver). In all forms it is thick and malleable rather like hot tar. It reacts to the touch of living things. In its brown Implosser form, it is a harmless, inert substance. The black form of Shadow tech is very dangerous due to its toxicity and should not be touched if at all possible. The Silver form is quite lively and beneficial, feeling “fizzy” to the touch.

The Implosser form is its basic, most common state. Strong emotion, such as anger, hatred and pain turn the Implosser to black. Likewise positive emotions such as love and happiness turn it silver.

In all its forms, Shadow tech is very versatile. It can be cast as pure energy, Black Hats have been known to knock down buildings, destroy high-flying vessels and kill whole armies with a mere sweep of their hand. It can also be formed into shapes, into complex machines and into the forms of living beings. Once formed, Shadow tech is very difficult to dispel, with only the Sisterhood of Light able to dispel it with any certainty.

Lady Poe of Blanchefort--a well known Shadow tech Female surrounded by her Silver tech familiars (Carol Phillips)

Certain people of the correct genetic disposition, both male and female, are able to harness and manipulate Shadow tech. A Shadow tech Female is a woman who may manipulate and cast Shadow tech, bending it to her will. No male has ever been known to be able to manipulate Shadow tech, though Shadow tech Males may use its energy in various ways and pass on the trait to their daughters. Shadow tech grows within Shadow tech Females at a constant rate and will eventually kill her if it is not released in a timely fashion. Shadow tech Females are extremely rare and all spring from the Vith line of Subra of the Mark, the first recorded Shadow tech female is history. They are always marked with the Shadowmark, a tatoo-like intersection of lines wrapping around their right eye.

Most Shadow tech females are located in Xaphan Space. Countess Sygillis of Blanchefort, Lady Poe of Blanchefort, Bethrael of Moane and Duchess Torrijayne of Oyln are known Shadow tech Females in the League.

USES OF SHADOW TECH: Shadow tech Females can manipulate Shadow tech with great skill, using it to perform any number of desired functions.

SHADOW TECH TEMPLES: Shadow tech temples are structures, and sometimes whole cities made of Shadow tech usually found in Xaphan Space. Such places are often covered in illusion and cannot be detected. Being inside a Shadow tech temple can affect one’s well-being and sanity very quickly.

A one-mile tall Shadow tech Monster terrorizes Xandarr (Carol Phillips)

SHADOW TECH MONSTERS/FAMILIARS: Shadow tech monsters are very powerful and nearly impossible to destroy. The best way to defeat a Shadow tech monster is either with more Shadow tech, or by the Sisterhood of Light. Being very complex, it can take a very long time to create a Shadow tech monster. Most practitioners have in their repertoire a monster that they have practiced creating to the point where they may summon one in a matter of seconds, these are known as Shadow tech Familiars.

SHADOW TECH TRAPS (StT’s): Shadow tech Traps are very dangerous and persistent menaces. They are very small undetectable bits of Shadow tech that have been pre-programmed to perform any number of nefarious functions. Like a flea or tick, they lie in wait and latch on when an unsuspecting person happens by. An StT can remain attached to a person for years, causing them all manner of grief, or they can simply slay that person at a pre-determined time. The Sisterhood of Light is always on the lookout for StT’s, and never failing to find them in abundance. The island of Bilson-Gorman on Bazz was declared uninhabitable by the Sisters due to the persistence of StTs left there.

RUMBOB: Rumbob is a quantity of Shadow tech mixed with clay or straw or some other type of common material. Rumbob is easily infused with emotions and can influence the emotions of those coming into contact with it.

WHAMIC: Whamic is a form of Shadow tech that may be attached to holomail messages and sent across the skyways. Any person opening the Whamic could find themselves facing sudden death.

copyright 2011 Ren Garcia


"Wilhella Cormand-Grande and her first husband Scrib Tiffin" by Eve Ventrue

Black Hats can usually be counted on to be rather quiet and unobtrusive, rarely straying from their Shadow tech temples unless called by the Black Abbess. They live in various Xaphan cities, but are never a part of them, like a nest of dangerous wasps that is generally left alone. Such, however, is not the case with Wilhella Cormand-Grande. Known as the “Mad Black Hat of Waam”, she has a definite personality and way about her, she often contradicts the edicts of the Black Abbess and has been known to talk her way out of a fight with the Sisterhood of Light on many occasions. She is a scoundrel, a coward, a hedonist and a harlot-supreme.

A lover of the bright lights and social scenes of Waam, Wilhella forces her way into the light of day and demands the people there pay her heed. She contributes frequent editorials and other writings to the local media. When she chooses to exit her temple and walk the streets with her Shadow tech entourage she often leaves a trail of dead chefs and mutilated tailors in her wake. She loves good food and fine clothes … and she loves killing people too.

She inhabits a high-rise temple in Waam-Core. Her temple sits squarely in the center of a busy highway, forcing traffic to go around. She often throws lavish parties at her temple and invites guests from all over to attend. It is not wise to refuse an invitation from the Mad Black Hat of Waam.

Wilhella invented a new type of Shadow tech known as a Whamic. A Whamic is a type of Shadow tech that may be transmitted along the skywaves. It is most often associated with junk e-mail messages that come to life, jump out of the holo screen and attack the opener. She eventually refined Whamic to the point where she could send them via hand-written letters as well, where the ink on the page could come to life and kill.

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia and Eve Ventrue