The Dead Held Hands

December 16, 2010

THE DEAD HELD HANDS (TDHH) is the first book in the Temple of the Exploding Head trilogy. The title of this book went through quite a few incarnations before I finally settled on TDHH. It started as Lady Sammidoran of Monama, but most people thought it fell rather flat. “What’s a Mo-nama?” people asked. Slipping into a Dr. Who mode, I started a long line of similar titles: Sorrow of the Monamas, Elegy of the Monamas, Dirge of the Monamas–you get the picture. Eventually, I put it to a vote on facebook. The very last title that I threw in, mostly on a lark, was The Dead Held Hands, and that’s the one everybody liked, so I said what the heck. The Dead Held Hands is due out in March, 2011, from Loconeal Publishing.

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