StG Characters: King

July 2, 2014

Lady Poe of Blanchefort (Carol Phillips)

Lady Poe of Blanchefort (Carol Phillips)

Lady Poe of Blanchefort has become highly regarded for her ability to create wondrous Silver tech Familiars. Working out in the mystical Telmus Grove she has created literally dozens, each capable of performing amazing feats. Bark the dog is her untiring eyes and ears, Shadow the cat hunts down and destroys Shadow tech. Whisper the ladybug hides one sight and sound. Her sister-in-law and ex-Black Hat Sygillis of Blanchefort, has often marveled at her amazing creations. Among her more notable Silver tech masterpieces, Lady Poe created Carahil, a Nargal-spirit that became a god.

One of her favorite familiars is Tweeter, a tiny silver bird that can assist one in getting to where they need to go. She keeps a whole bell tower full of them in the northern wing of Castle Blanchefort, ready for use should someone need them. And, like all of her creations, Tweeter smiles. Lady Poe’s love of happy faces is well-known.

After the horrific events in the Grove with the Golden People and their Killanjo servants that nearly cost Lord Kabyl of Blanchefort his life, Lady Poe realized that the world can be a dangerous place and that she needed to actively protect the people she loved.

She took the basic Tweeter design and modified it, creating a Silver tech familiar that could kill if required. She once admired a kingfisher bird as it hovered over the lake hunting for food, so she shaped her new creation into the form of a crested kingfisher and named it King. And, as with all her creations, King functions perfectly. He does his job extremely well.

Although he never smiles, King can have a fairly winsome personality (Ewelina Dolzycka)

Although he never smiles, King can have a fairly winsome personality (Ewelina Dolzycka)

King can do a number of things. He can go from standing still to moving at rail gun speeds in a matter of moments. He can pierce armor, touch-off explosions, and easily bring down small to medium-sized craft. He is also extremely effective against Shadow tech. His touch dissolves Shadow tech. He can also create a silvery cone of light from his eyes that vaporizes the dreaded StT’s Black Hats love using. He is able to lift heavy loads and he can fly across empty space from one planet to another. It is rumored King can change his shape into a much larger creature, but that has not been confirmed.

King also never smiles, unlike the rest of her creations.

Being a pacifist, Lady Poe was rather ashamed of her creation and the damage he could do. Instead of placing him in the bell tower with the Tweeters, she planted a number of embryonic Kings in a Servants Graveyard out in the vastness of the Grove. When one is needed, one must venture out to the graveyard, recite the incantation, and a King will rise. As a safeguard in keeping King from becoming an unprincipled murdering machine, he will imprint off of a nearby person, incorporating aspects of their personality into his own with the intent of furnishing him with restraint and a conscience. This imprinting gives King a marked variable in personality, with sometimes surprising results.

Sarah of Blanchefort always wants a King at her side (Eve Ventrue)

Sarah of Blanchefort always wants a King at her side (Eve Ventrue)

Although Lady Poe intended that King only be used in an emergency situation, her feisty, hot-headed daughter and full-time adventurer, Sarah of Blanchefort, simply loves King and considers him her mother’s greatest and coolest achievement. Whenever she has a need that a Tweeter could easily fulfill, she nevertheless goes to the graveyard and gets a King, leading to a number of rebukes and punishments from her mother that do absolutely no good.

Lady Poe is currently considering moving his resting place from the graveyard to somewhere else in the Grove where Sarah cannot find him.

copyright 2014, Ren Garcia, Carol Phillips, Eve Ventrue and Ewelina Dolzycka.

TOTEH Characters: Tweeter

April 21, 2011

"Tweeter" by Carol Phillips

TWEETER is a Silver tech familiar created by Lady Poe of Blanchefort. Although Lady Poe has created countless Tweeter familiars over the years, the one created for Lt. Kilos is the most well-known.

Tweeter was one of the first of a long line of familiars perfected by Lady Poe, whose skill with Silver tech was quite remarkable. Lady Poe had a notoriously bad sense of direction. As she was beginning to see much more of Kana with various lords and gentleman hoping to court her, she found she needed something to assist her in getting around and not become lost. She found hand-held ranging devices to cumbersome and difficult to use, so, Lady Poe created Tweeter, a silver tech familiar in the form of a canary that she could give simple commands to and help her in getting around. The original Tweeter took Lady Poe five months to create and had a series of teething problems that took her a long time to overcome. Eventually she become skilled enough to create him in just a few minutes. He was also originally in the form of an anatomically correct canary, however, Lady Poe began to favor a more fanciful golfball-shaped form that would become his trademark. She incorporated her Blanchefort coat of arms under his right wing, an assurance that he would work as planned flawlessly. She also added a further touch that would become a usual feature with all her familiars–she gave him a perpetual smile.

Tweeter could be given simple commands which he would carry out. He could locate specific locations and places without error. With a Tweeter at your side, you could never be lost. There was a bell tower in Castle Blanchefort near Josephina Tower (often times known as Tweeter’s Tower) where she kept a stockpile of Tweeters. Any in the castle may go to the tower and use one whenever needed. A Tweeter lasts of five days by design, but within the bell tower, they are given longer life by the presence of an Auto-Pile–a Silver tech power source created by Lady Poe.

Lady Poe created a Tweeter for Lt. Kilos after she quit the Stellar Marines. Her sense of direction was almost as bad as Lady Poe’s and often got lost while staying in Castle Blanchefort and she made frequent use of him. When Carahil talked her into following him into the dreaded Hazards of the Old Ones, it was Tweeter who led her back out thus saving her life and she became very attached to him. When Tweeter came close to the end of his time, Lt. Kilos begged Lady Poe to extend his life and refused to accept another one in his place. Lady Poe connected Tweeter to Ki’s life force, so as long as she lives, he’ll live. He has been at her side for over twenty years.

Lt. Kilos’ Tweeter has a number of qualities not found in other Tweeters. Lt. Kilos is convinced Carahil breathed a certain life into him, accounting for his enhanced capabilities. He is able to follow extremely abstract commands (Lt Kilos often says: “find me the best bar in town” and he can do it). He is also able to locate people, animals/monsters and objects. Lt. Kilos often uses him to locate criminals, earning her the nick-name “Manhunter“. He creates music with a collection of bells in Lt. Kilos’ cabin (he pecks the bells) and has developed a recognizable personality over the years–he “hates” other Tweeters, often bullying them around.

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia and Carol Phillips