Vive la France

September 9, 2014

French flag

I tend to get a lot of hits on my blog from France. Visitors originating in France rank second only to my home country of the United States in quantity of hits, with Germany being third. Germany makes sense, as I work with a number of immensely talented German artists. But France?? I often wonder if these hits are actual people looking at the artwork, or if the hits are simply products of spam.

I’d like to hope something of my work has touched somebody in France.

So please, if you’re from France, or anywhere else in the world, and you’re a real, living person, I invite you to leave a comment. Say “Hey” or “Bonjour” or whatever else comes to your mind.

Fingers Crossed


5 Responses to “Vive la France”

  1. I wonder a lot too where my hits come from, but I try to stay positive. Keep up the awesome blogging!

    • theleagueofelder said

      Thanks! Every year things get a little bigger. People who have bought my earlier books return to get more–that’s always a nice feeling. I still have time to talk to everybody and embrace them as a new friend. That’s the best thing, I think.

      • I’m working on finishing my first novel now. I’m using my blog as a way to introduce myself to readers.

      • theleagueofelder said

        That’s great!! There’s nothing like the “first novel”–the long nights, that feeling you get as you create amazing things. I wish you much success in your writing.

        I use my blog in a similar manner, to familiarize readers with the weird things I’ve come up with. Some authors use their blogs as a teaching tools, others blog about the latest topics or trends. Others blog about themselves, about what they’re doing and feeling. I consider myself quite boring, so I never blog about myself, just what I’ve created.

      • I stick to short stories and character interviews as I tend to naturally ramble.

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