Book Blast: Cas Peace– “The Challenge”

May 2, 2014


The amazing Albia series continues with: “The Challenge”. The Challenge is the first book in the Circle of Conspiracy trilogy, which is set in the same universe as the previous Artesans of Albia books. Author Cas Peace has created a world as deep and compelling as it is exciting and full of adventure and characters that will feel like your best friends.

To celebrate the release, Cas is hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway that has been extended until May 9th! The Prizes include a 25$ gift card (Grand Prize), A paperback set of all four Albia books (a $56 value) and Free e-books from over a dozen fantasy writers (myself included). See the bottom of the post for the Rafflecopter Giveaway link!

cas-peaceAbout the Author:

Cas Peace was born in Hampshire UK, in 1957, and has lived there most of her life. Her first career was as a horse-riding instructor, and horses remain very close to her heart. She then spent 13 years working for the British Civil Service before leaving the UK to live in Italy for three years, 1991-1994. She speaks passable but by no means perfect Italian, and loves to return to Italy whenever she can.
Cas’s other great loves are anything to do with animals, especially dogs and horses, (she supports many animal charities) and also singing. Cas loves folk songs and along with her husband, who plays guitar, has performed in many a Southern England folk club. Sometimes they even asked her back! She writes folk songs to accompany her fantasy novels, and offers them as free downloads from her website.

Cover Copy
Book 4 art frontFriend against friend, lover against lover, ally against ally. Conflict is coming …
Nine months have passed since Brynne Sullyan helped forge an alliance between the realms of Albia and Andaryon. A fragile peace reigns as both sides recover from the events of the previous year. Then mysterious raiders strike Andaryon villages. Attempts are made on the life of Albia’s High King. As Sullyan scrambles to find those responsible, unseen enemies threaten to pull apart everything she has worked for, including her marriage.
The alliance begins to crumble, and Sullyan finds herself caught between two monarchs: the king she’s sworn allegiance to, and the man she loves as a father. To betray either one would break her heart, but if conflict is inevitable, she must make a choice …

I am in love with Cas’ brand of fantasy and the manner in which she conducts her story-telling, but, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s is a testimonial from author Janet Morris:

Cas Peace’s Artesans of Albia trilogy immediately sweeps you away: the drama starts with King’s Envoy, continues unabated in King’s Champion, and climaxes in King’s Artesan, yet each volume is complete, satisfying. The Artesan series propels you into a world so deftly written that you see, feel, touch, and even smell each twist and turn. These nesting novels are evocative, hauntingly real. Smart. Powerful. Compelling. The trilogy teems with finely drawn characters, heroes and villains and societies worth knowing; with stories so organic and yet iconic you know you’ve found another home—in Albia.

Now there’s a fourth book on Albia’s horizon: The Challenge, also Book One in Peace’s forthcoming sub-series, the Circle of Conspiracy trilogy, proof of more Albian tales on the way. So start reading now. I, for one, can’t wait to find out what will happen next.

Janet Morris: The Sacred Band of Stepsons; the Dream Dancer series; I, the Sun; Outpassage


Cas has extended her giveaway until May 9th!! Here is the link to her giveaway–don’t miss out!!

copyright 2014, Cas Peace

Albia Publishing

Albia Publishing

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  1. caspeace, Artesans of Albia. said

    Many thanks for posting, Ren, I really appreciate it!

    • theleagueofelder said

      Your work deserves exposure and attention. It needs to be in the hands of fantasy and adventure lovers everywhere.

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