Book V Cover Update

June 22, 2011

Carol Phillips is plugging away at the cover for Book V: The Temple of the Exploding Head and it’s coming along nicely.

"The Temple of the Exploding Head" by Carol Phillips

She has the main interior laid out, complete with central dais, pillars, Berserkacide statues and skulls. I’m hoping to convince her to make the back wall nothing but skulls. I was concerned a bit about the width–the Temple is a half-mile wide, however, the composition gives the impression of a rather narrow space, like a cathedral. There is clearly more Temple beyond the pillars and arches, so I can live with the more narrow central area. I love the impression of lofty heights that Carol gives the Temple–too bad most of that will be covered up with dark clouds. It rains inside the Temple.

"The Horned God" by Carol Phillips

There are quite a few missing elements which Carol is adding:

Kay is missing
Sam is also missing
Monama victims in cages swinging from chains
Carahil in chains (Carahil is a constant feature of all five covers so far.)
The gods
Dead bodies everywhere
Killanjo having a rave
Lots of Phallic Symbols
More Phallic Symbols
And, last but not least, the Horned God Himself.

Oh, I can’t wait for this cover–it should make for a memorable conclusion to the TOTEH trilogy.

Copyright 2011, Ren Garcia and Carol Phillips

2 Responses to “Book V Cover Update”

  1. Myada Mar said

    It’s already great. I don’t know how she will ever fit all those things in there!
    – Cynthia Echterling

  2. This artwork is awesome–a story all its own!I’m really excited to read the two remaining books of TOTEH, and think the cover is going to rock!

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