TOTEH Characters: Ethylrelda of Waam

May 15, 2011

IN THEIR MANY YEARS OF UNRESOLVED CONFLICT, the League’s Sisterhood of Light has generally had its way with their greatest rivals, the Xaphan sect of Black Hats. The Sisters have won most of the set-piece battles with the Black Hats over the centuries, leading them to shun open warfare with the Sisters when at all possible.

"Ethylrelda of Waam" by Carol Phillips

One notable exception is the great Black Hat known as Ethylrelda of Waam. Stalwart on the battlefield and somewhat innovative in her tactics, Ethylrelda has not only survived her many direct encounters with the Sisters, she has won many of the engagements as well.

Ethylrelda is also well-known for facing and killing the Grand Abbess of Kentaro on the plains of Gallia on Bazz. The 25 Grand Abbesses of the Sisterhood are often considered to be invincible, and for one to be killed is a testament to Ethylrelda’s power.

She is one of the oldest Black Hats known to exist, with her history going back nearly 500 years. She has made the city of Waam on the planet Gothan her home for her entire history. Her temple is a gigantic sphere rising three thousand feet high–it is often referred to as the Black Pearl of Waam. It also rolls at a slow but steady rate southward, across the eastern side of Waam-Core into the outlying municipalities, destroying everything in its path. The city of Waam withers around it as it moves. The temple is windowless and has only one point of entry or exit–a large archway that always remains at the bottom of the sphere no matter how it rolls. The smooth exterior of the temple reflects the surroundings like a crystal ball. It is said one’s true self can be seen in its reflection.

Over 100 Black Hats lives in and around Waam, each commanding a hoard of Hulgismen as personal guards and warriors and an order of Spectre henchmen to do their legwork. The Order of the Yard serve Ethylrelda directly.

Occasionally the lesser and younger Black Hats emerge from their temples and create chaos on the streets, all except Ethylrelda who is rarely seen outside of her temple. Those who have had the occasion to see her indicate that she is a tiny woman, not even five feet tall, slender, wrapped up in black cloth and wearing a tattered scarlet robe and the usual featureless mask. She is sometimes said to stand at the entrance to her temple gazing out at the city beyond, at all the things she as a Black Hat can never have.

copyright 2011 Ren Garcia and Carol Phillips

One Response to “TOTEH Characters: Ethylrelda of Waam”

  1. I love that she is tiny! Many of the people in the books are tall and have several extra appendages or something which makes them appear powerful in some way. This villain is tiny, extremely powerful–and it reminds me of how humans are terrified of spiders which are so tiny but so powerful looking!

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