TOTEH Characters: The Horned God

May 10, 2011

There are many Horned Gods spanning the cosmos, some benevolent, some misunderstood, and others are quite horrendous in their evil.

"The Horned God" by Fantasio

The Horned God of Tevlapradah is a self-proclaimed demon and devil; a criminal in the eyes of the Universe. The carnage he demands and receives in abundance goes against the laws of cosmic balance and the gods of the Celestial Arborium have been pursuing him for millennia, hoping to bring him to justice and end his bloody spree of terror. The stately elemental spirit Bathloxi, a being of lightning and giver of laws, has personally sought him out, though the Horned God has, to date, eluded him.

His shadow lingers over the Celestial Arborium, tormenting and laughing at them, daring them to stop him. His lore dictates he rules over a place called Tevlapradah in a Temple of bluestone sunk deep in the ground where the gods cannot see him. He commands an army of dark, four-armed angels who kill and spill blood for him; his angels’ blood lust matches his own. His Temple of the Exploding Head has witnessed ceremony and bloody sacrifice continuously for ages, the drums constantly beating. The Horned God is said to lure victims to Tevlapradah to be preyed upon by his dark angels, dragged into the Temple and then sacrificed before him. It is a game he’s played for time untold and the number of victims meeting their end in his Temple is impossible to count.

His Temple is said to be a place of such sorrow and evil that it has become a tunnel in time, its nightmare heard deep into the past and far into the future.

Recently, Bathloxi has had several promising leads regarding the whereabouts and the identity of the Horned God. At long last he has a name to consider: Carahil.

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia and Fantasio

2 Responses to “TOTEH Characters: The Horned God”

  1. The artwork is amazing–I can almost FEEL the heaviness and dread which consume those who enter his temple!

  2. theleagueofelder said

    Hey Chris! Yeah, Fantasio did a stunning job on the pic. There’s lots of depth to it.

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