The Celestial Arborium

March 26, 2011

"The Great Tree and the Windage of Kind" by Justine Marie Hedman

THE CELESTIAL ARBORIUM is a mystical and poorly understood assemblage of powerful beings who have tasked themselves with maintaining the well-being and orderly flow of the Universe. They gather at the metaphorical “Top of the Universe” and watch over the doings of the “Younger Folk.” They often characterize the Universe as a vast growing tree nestling the galaxies, stars and planets in its vine-like branches. Members of the order are often referred to as “gods”.


Members of the Arborium are made up of powerful, outworldly beings. Any being that can successfully pass the poorly understood Criteria of Deuum may join. Usual members are made up of Elemental Spirits, Djinn, Wind-Walkers and Nargals. The Great Elemental Spirit Bathloxi is a preeminent member and giver of laws, as well as Mincoil, Anabrax, and Carahil. Notable Djinn in the order are Maiax and Bar-Igura and Ibilex. The cat-god Mabsornath is a powerful Windwalker. Regardless of their origination, the gods of the Arborium always appear as various types of common animals.

"Maiax, Bar-Igura and Ibilex" by Carol Phillips


The members of the Arborium have the ability to see the future and may or may not take steps to avert a future they do not like. Involving themselves in such things is dangerous, as upsetting the Universal Balance is a sure way to bring about tragedy, as with the infamous Death of the Bodice tragedy caused by the Djinn Maiax, which led to the painful extinction of the Bodice and the fall of Maiax as a demon. Therefore, members of the Arborium are careful not to use their vast power too much.


Demons are considered to be Arborium Members who have abused their power or swung the balance in one direction or another. Demonic power is invariably destructive and can lead to no good end. Maiax became a demon after he caused the death of the Bodice.


The Windage of Kind is the “hell of the gods”. It has been described as a gloomy set of industrial buildings at the bottom of the Universal Tree. Members of the celestial Arborium who break the by-laws of the group are sent there, often times for millennia. Those imprisoned within are often seen gazing red-eyed through the many dark windows of the place. Occasionally those held there are pardoned or forgiven and receive a second chance and are released.

"Mabsornath" by Carol Phillips

All of the members of the Celestial Arborium have a Secret-Talker, a person whom they share all of their secrets. The Secret-Talker is a method the gods use to consolidate their power with the universe, and to police each other, as, in theory, if a member commits an offense then it will be made known through the Secret-Talker, however, in practice, the gods go to great lengths to hide and mystically protect their Secret-Talkers. The gods are not allowed to directly accost or engage another’s Secret-Talker, a member of the younger folk must do it, often at the direction and peril of the gods themselves. Carahil’s Secret-Talker is Mabsornath–a Wind-Walker who is also a member of the Arborium.

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia

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