LoE Books I & II to be Re-Published by Loconeal

March 7, 2011

Books I & II in the LOE series are being re-published by Loconeal Publishing.

Book I: Sygillis of Metatron: Go back to where it all began with the original LoE book: Sygillis of Metatron. Meet Captain Davage, Lt. Kilos, Ennez the Hospitaler and the deadly Black Hat Sygillis of Metatron. The Loconeal edition of the book features more maps and interior art by Carol Phillips, Eve Ventrue and Bea Matarredona-Garcia.

When Captain Davage does the unthinkable and refuses to allow the Sisterhood of Light to execute a captured Black Hat, he places his soul in grave danger. The Black Hat, Sygillis of Metatron, notorious in the League for killing an entire squadron of Marines by herself, sits in her cell and dreams of killing the captain.

Trade paperback $18.95

Book II: The Hazards of the Old Ones: The second installment in the LoE series, The Hazards of the Old Ones is back in all its glory. Packed with maps, and over twenty interior illustrations by Carol Phillips and Justine Marie Hedman

When the Elemental Spirit Carahil foresees the death of an entire world, he places his soul, and those of the people he loves most, at risk to save it. As Carahil is about to learn, the greatest hazard of being one of the Older Folk is to care too much. Hell awaits should he fail.

Trade paperback $18.95

Both books available April 2011

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia

2 Responses to “LoE Books I & II to be Re-Published by Loconeal”

  1. Congratulations, Ren: ) Though, your talent is worth investing in–these are truly great stories with memorable characters, not to mention so beautifully written, and I know they’ll be read long after you and I have been beamed up by Scottie!

  2. theleagueofelder said

    Thank you, Chris! 🙂 With any luck, Scottie won’t be Beaming Me Up anytime soon.

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