TOTEH Characters: Carahil

February 19, 2011

"Carahil" by Carol Phillips

THE ELEMENTAL SPIRIT NAMED CARAHIL started life as a recreation in Silver tech from the various recollections of Lord Davage of Blanchefort. He often spoke of a gigantic seal-like creature he met in the dusty planes of Metatron named Carahil. Davage spoke of him being kind and wise.

His sister, Lady Poe of Blanchefort, listened to the dinner-time stories and was captivated. She was a newly trained Shadow tech female and was fast discovering her considerable talent for creating Silver tech familiars. She decided to put her new-found skills to the test and create an exact replica of Carahil, using vast amounts of Silver tech and the detailed recollections of Lord Davage in the process. She located a dry fountain basin in the Telmus Grove and began the long process of creating Carahil, running herself dry several times. As she worked she became very fond of the unfinished creation and began adding more to the mixture than she first intended. She added libraries worth of knowledge and arcane lore, cook books, joke books and other such things she thought would make him well-rounded. When he was nearly ready, she added the essence of a kindly dog from the kitchens. That evening, Carahil opened his eyes for the first time.

Carahil Figurines, by Carol Phillips

Carahil quickly grew in power, and he drew the attention of the Celestial Arborium, a fraternity of powerful creatures watching the continuity of the universe. Carahil passed the four Criteria of Deuum and the Arborium asked him to join.

Carahil has a fondness of lost and little creatures and will go to great lengths to assist those he feels need help. He loves giving gifts when he can. Considering himself to be “incredibly good-looking”, Carahil’s gifts are usually tiny images of his own likeness. He is also a relentless prankster–those he favors are often victims of his pranks.

Image of Carahil in Waam, by Carol Phillips

He is the patron god of Xandarr and is memorialized with many shrines and temples, the largest being a park on the banks of the River Torr called 1000 Carahil Park. Children often draw pictures of him and write little notes, leaving them at the flippers of his statues and hope he hears their call. It is also tradition that fresh-baked cream pies placed on a sill will attract him.

Carahil’s Secret-Talker is Mabsornath, the former Cat God of Zall-88. Mabs appears occasionally in a place called the Cat God Pub. There, the answers to many questions may be had and the voices of those far away may be heard. The Cat God Pub appears in different guises to different people and it never is encountered in the same place twice. Carahil and Mabs are thought to be romantically involved.

Copyright 2011, Ren Garcia

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