TOTEH Characters: Lady Poe

February 11, 2011

"Lady Poe of Blanchefort" by Carol Phillips

LADY POE OF BLANCHEFORT Is the mother of Sarah and Phillip of Blanchefort. She is the elder sister of Captain Davage.

For most of her life Lady Poe was thought to be mentally ill, falling into frequent spells and was often taken by her father Sadric into the care of the Sisters. Mental illness is unheard of in the League, and such an infirmity was a scandal for the House of Blanchefort. Thusly, Lady Poe was considered to be social poison.

Later, it was discovered that Lady Poe was a hidden Shadow tech female and was suffering from Shadow tech poisoning. Her gigantic Shadowmark had been hidden underneath a latex cover. Sygillis of Blanchefort took Lady Poe under her wing and taught her to properly harness her Shadow tech.

Poe quickly mastered her Shadow tech and turned it to silver. She began creating Silver tech familiars that were very accomplished in their complexity. Her greatest creation was a little seal named Carahil, who became a god.

"Lady Poe" by Bea Matarredona-Garcia

Lady Poe met and fell in love with Lord Peter of Ruthven, a suspected pirate from Esther after she was abducted by Princess Vroc of Xandarr. They would eventually have four children together, not including Carahil, whom they also considered to be their child.

Always kind and patient, Lady Poe is considered to be a saint by all who know her. She has a great love of children, and is the teacher of her children and of her brother’s children as well: Kay, Kilos and Hathaline.

Carahil was a dutiful son and always remembered to visit his mother on her birthday no matter how far away his travels took him. At her latest birthday celebration, Carahil seemed unusually dour and concerned, rather unlike his usual jovial self.

Lady Poe asked him what was wrong, and, in measured tones, he said “I need your help, Mother.”

And he told her what was going to happen, and she was appalled.

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia

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