At long last, the oft mentioned but seldom seen Issue One of the League of Elder Graphic Novel is nearing completion!!

It took a bit of griping and a pinch of threatening along the way. Recall the mean things I said in previous posts. I said:

“…I’m looking at you, boys, and I’ve got my gun …”

“I’ve a nice vacant lot all picked out where your bodies, belted shut, Hefty-bagged and painted blue, will spend the rest of eternity…”

…but, just look at the results. Daniel Morris and Jon Harvey are rolling away. The Graphic novel with be a four issue conversion of Book I: Sygillis of Metatron.

Daniel speaks:

"Captain Davage" by Jon Harvey

We’ve had some delays, some avoidable, some not, but seem to finally be hitting a good working pace. We are very excited to see the miniseries progressing, and look forward to seeing it in print. Jon has done some wonderful art for the first book, and I have no doubt he’ll only get better as we progress. We both hope we are doing the original story justice.

Look for more on the LoE Graphic Novel soon!
copyright 2011, Ren Garcia