ATD: Book VII Cover Completed

December 1, 2012

It’s always a great event when the cover to a new book is completed. Its like Christmas.

"Against the Druries" by Carol Phillips

“Against the Druries” by Carol Phillips

It’s a big milestone. Soon, the MS will be shored up and finalized, the interior art collected and inserted into the text, the book will be properly sized and lettering will be added to the cover.

Ahh, so much to do.

Book VII, Against the Druries is the epic conclusion to the Belmont Saga begun in Book VI. There’s a lot of exciting things going on in the book and deciding on a subject for the cover was difficult–there was so much to choose from. In a departure from previous LoE books, we decided to go with a scene that doesn’t include the main characters of the story: Paymaster Stenstrom, Lord A-Ram and Private Taara. We thought this particular scene had a lot of cool things going on and the Beta Readers developed a strong liking for the Pilgrims of Merian that are depicted. This cover also has the least amount of Nixies of all the books so far.

Look for LoE Book VII: Against the Druries January 2013

Copyright 2012, Ren Garcia and Carol Phillips

One Response to “ATD: Book VII Cover Completed”

  1. I’m looking forward to this book for so many reasons–especially because I felt as though there are still many unsolved mysteries to be solved. I want to know more about what Lilly actually was.

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