Book Four Cover Finished

March 3, 2011

"The Machine" by Carol Phillips

CAROL PHILLIPS has finished the cover to Book VI, The Machine. It looks wonderful. I’ve tentatively lettered the cover and wanted to share it. I’m certain the lettering and colors will change–just a few musings.

This cover is crawling with a lot of things I’ve always wanted to incorporate in past covers but couldn’t. I love cityscapes. The Book I cover had a cityscape, but that one was the dead city of Metatron. This one is the vibrant, living city of Waam full of the bizarre (like the Princess Marilith vending machine). I also wanted to see Kay, his cousins Sarah and Phillip and Lord Lon–finally from my head to full paint.

The Bondarunga aspect is clear with all the weird-looking buildings and vehicles floating about. The flying statue with the Spectres standing on it is a classic Bondarunga vehicle–and, by the way, you’d never get me to ride on one of those snorting beasts.

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia

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