TOTEH Characters: The House of Monama

January 10, 2011

"Sam" by Eve Ventrue

THE HOUSE OF MONAMA (pronounced: mon-ama) is something of a misnomer in League society. The “House” is composed of a number of distinct tribes located all around the fog-bound shores of Lake Monama far to the south of Kana. The tribes of Astralon, Minzer, Cardinal and Fphenook are the largest. They speak a family of similar languages that are not recognized by the Sisterhood and are therefore unofficial. They speak Systerel, Anuie (or Monama-Noble) and Conox. Conox had no written alphabet only until recently when they incorporated the League-Common alphabet. Being a rather reclusive people, many do not speak League-Common at all.

As Monamas are clearly indigenous to Kana, they are a different species than the late-coming Elder peoples who arrived on Kana in 000000EX. In fact, the name Kana comes from the old Systerel word Ka-Na, which means “Jade/Sapphire”.

A standard Monama stands anywhere from 5’3 to 5’6 and usually weigh less than a hundred pounds. Monamas of old were much larger and much denser then they generally are now. They are known for their massive shocks of thick black hair which they wear down to their ankles, however, except for their heads, Monamas are hairless. Their skin is chalk-white and their eyes are faded black which see best in dim lighting. Their fingernails are known to be extremely hard and quite sharp. Wearing their fingernails long and black is a usual habit among them.

"Clatera and Mitz" by Carol Phillips

Monamas are remarkable physical specimens. Despite their smallish size, they are incredibly strong, being many times stronger than a standard, un-Gifted Elder. They are also extremely fast and agile, sure-footed and long-winded with great endurance.

Their fecundity is well-known, as all Monama tribes breed with great speed. A typical Monama birthing takes no more than three months in the womb and numbers anywhere from eight to twenty young. Many Monamas do not survive to full adulthood.

They are generally very susceptible to cold temperature. Any temperature below 60 degrees F is said to be quickly fatal. They also have little or no tolerance for alcohol, with a sip or two of the thinnest of wines being enough to inebriate them.

Monamas have a number of Gifts/Talents which make then notable/infamous depending on how it’s viewed. Monamas can change their shape and often sell their services as prostitutes, able and willing to become anything their clients wish. They can also see the future with great accuracy and often make their living as fortune-tellers. They often draw the scorn and mistrust of the Sisterhood of Light for their promiscuous ways, their Bronta-style of decorating clothing, pottery and masonry (branded obscene by the Sisters). They also make use of a strange device known as the NIGHTMARE which they are said to influence Elder-men’s minds.

Berserkacide (Carol Phillips)

The end of many Monama’s lives is as a Berserkacide. How or why a Monama becomes a Berserkacide is not well understood. The condition can happen to any Monama, man or woman, young or old. Many Monamas who have too many dealings with the Elders beyond their lake tend to become Berserkacides. Why this is the case is not known.

Berserkacides have four fully functioning arms. They are full of rage and loathing, seeking to harm themselves as much as any victims they might come across. They are no longer subject to the effects of cold temperatures as a Berserkacide, though they seem to lack all of the other Gifts/talents Monamas have. They generally do not live long; caged Berserkacides usually don’t last longer than a month or two. Once a Monama is transformed into a Berserkacide, there is no helping or reverting them.

copyright 2011, Ren Garcia

3 Responses to “TOTEH Characters: The House of Monama”

  1. I think I used to date one of those Berserkacides: )I have since learned to tame my own Black Hat, and as is usual, she is absolutely stunning in appearance and devoted to loving me!

  2. Angelina Garcia said

    Hi Ren – Love the new creations by Carol and Eve. Love your blog. Cheers…

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