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January 1, 2011

Just a few quick things to start the new year.

THE DEAD HELD HANDS: Just as I’m ready to get back the edited copy of The Dead Held Hands, I’ve got a whole slew of changes, additions, and deletions. Of course an author is never truly finished massaging a piece of work, and I’m no exception. I wanted to “Activate” the first few chapters and streamline it a little bit. The changes make for a better read, but the MS will need to be edited again. Eh, yeah, sorry about that …

A couple of the changes in a nutshell:

Addition: Chapter 2: The Pale Ghost: Thirteen year old Lord Kabyl is troubled to learn that a “Pale Ghost” has been shadowing him for quite some time. His little sister, Lady Kilos, has inherited her great grandmother’s books of witchcraft and tries to perform an exorcism, getting rid of the pesky ghost once and for all.

Addition: Chapter 3: The Last Day of His Life: Lacking the Gift of Sight, unable to lift his father’s CARG and feeling himself a general failure, Kay plans to kill himself by jumping off a high balcony. A responsible kid, Kay tries to make certain the recovery and clean-up of his body will be as easy and mess-free as possible. That’s important to him. He’s certain he won’t be missed too much.

Appearances: If there’s a bake sale, craft show, flea market or parking lot gathering in the central Ohio area, you can bet I’ll be there and I’ll have my books with me. My next Big Showing will be at Millenicon in Cincinnati, Ohio March 18-20 with Loconeal Publishing. I’m also thinking about heading to Capricon 31 in Chicago, Feb 10-13. Here’s Capricon 31’s info:


CHANTAL BOUDREAU: Congrats to the prolific and incredibly talented Chantal Boudreau as she kicks off her publishing career with Elements of Genocide. I only wish I could do what Chantal does, and I’m certain her first book will be a huge success. See Chantal’s blog at: I hope I get to be Chantal’s first customer.

JUSTINE MARIE HEDMAN: A huge talent with both word and ink, Justine’s finally ready to start shopping her fantasy epic: The Trials of Ephira: Beginning of the End. Good luck, Justine. I hope your busy schedule will allow you to draw me a few more great pics this year (fingers crossed).

Billygoats: A Clear Murder Threat

<–This posting could be a critical piece of evidence at my murder trial. I am eagerly awaiting the completion of the oft mentioned but seldom seen League of Elder Graphic Novel by MFK Comics. I’ve seen the script, so I know it exists. The talented writer, Daniel Morris, has overcome a few adaptation issues (“I hate your book, Ren, and, by extension, I hate you as well!”) and artist Jon Harvey has gotten the sordid details of his life worked out, so I’m certain 2011 will be a big year for the Graphic Novel. The health and safety of MFK comics depends on it.

So, I’m looking at you, boys … and I’ve got my gun.

Bowl Naked


copyright 2010 Ren Garcia

2 Responses to “News, Notes & Billygoats”

  1. chantellyb said

    Thanks for the kudos, Ren, but my publishing career is being kicked off with Fervor (March 25 release date from May December publishing.) Elements of Genocide, while complete, is still in first draft form. Good news is that I’m nearing the end of revisions for Masters & Renegades: Magic University (tentative title) and hope to be sending that to MDP to review in about a week’s time.

  2. You’re awesome Ren! Thanks for the shout out and I hope for the sake of MFK Comics they are able to bring good things your way. And have fun on your overhaul, one change always leads to another. 🙂

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