TOTEH CHARACTERS: Thomasina 19th of Waam

December 17, 2010

Magistrate and Portator of the municipality of Auld in the Xaphan city of Waam, Thomasina is the 19th lady of Woolover. Traditionally the Woolovers, a stern matriarchal House from the city of Saga, were known for their piety and prohibitionist ways, often closing pubs and other drinking establishments at the butt-end of a club. In 000000ax, when the various Vith Houses betrayed the League and went to the Xaphans, a fragment of the House of Woolover went with them to preach piety and Elder teachings. They settled in the city of Waam and lingered there, becoming more Xaphan-Like over the centuries. Traditionally, the fittest to lead the House is given the appellation “Thomasina”. She leads a bar-rousting contingent of ladies known as the Singing Ten and is either greatly admired or wholly despised in the city of Waam.

Thomasina’s father was a man of Bondar, known for their odd structures superhuman abilities. Thusly, Thomasina can fly through the air like a wingless bird. She is savage and skilled with the MT CALM, the traditional weapon of the House of Woolover. She is also thoughtful and giving, freely donating her wealth to any who truly need it. (Picture by Fantasio)

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